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Advertise for free your activities / services

Advertise / Optimize / Manage your activities/services promotion in the Reference Guide.
Congress exhibition venues, event providers, medical providers, ...

  • Free access to your ad from the Guide / Directory
  • Request informations via the contact form
  • Direct contact to your private messaging
  • Automatic geo-tagging in your Address
  • Referencing and positioning your activities / services in search engines
  • ....
Viewing Your Contact Information.
Geotagging your address.
Contact: Emailing contact form
Contact: Private Messaging.
Printing: Print version of your address
Rating : Module to vote for your address
Sharing: Storage of your ad for members.
Sharing: Adding or sharing of your ad on the 30 social networks:

Facebook   Google Bookmarks   Live Bookmarks
Organizer & Exhibition Venue: Referencing for free your medical event
Logo/Visual: Insert Your Logo / Visual.
Presentation: Presentation Workspace & Description of your business.
Presentation: Insert Poster / Picture to illustrate the home page of your listing.
Presentation: Insert Web link on click of your poster / picture of the home page.
Catalog: Insert your PDF catalog + preview of your address
References: Insert your references, publications, press ....
Website: Access to your website.
Organiser & Exhibition Venue: (Example)
Automatic display of all medical events past and future , filed by the members of your society.
Highlights : Access to an "Immediate" Highlight module for your address in the Home page,
and in the category Events/Congress, or in the Home Page Guide / Directory.
Platform multi-addresses Management for Groups & Networks :
ADDNext©Guide by
GeoGuide : Your Address is listed in the GeoGuide.
Referencing: Add keywords to increase your visibility.
Referencing: Positioning your address on the first pages of search engines.
Social networks: Insert the social networks and communication websites
of your address:
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Thumbnail PDF
Automatic display the thumbnail of your PDF catalog in your Ad

Conversion module
Conversion Module PDF -> Picture
Do not have a picture / poster to illustrate your Address

You want to convert a PDF page into an image!

A module is available in the member's account.

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