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Site Availability is normally available 24/7 without any obligation to do so. is in no way responsible for its service interruptions with or without notice and consequences may result for registrants or any third party.

Site Access reserves the right for any reason and at its sole discretion to cancel, amend, suspend or interrupt access to all or part of the site, including without limitation to the content, features or hours availability without prior notice. You acknowledge and agree that through the use of the site, you do your personal matter for all the equipment necessary to allow this connection to the Internet whose costs are your responsibility.

Terms of publishing content
Any false information, unauthorized reproduction prohibited are heavily punishable by law. By completing and validating forms you are fully responsible for the information provided to, even after publication. You agree that the information entered is stored on our database. You have a right to access, modify, correct or delete your data (art. 38 and 39 of the Computing and Freedom Law "). To do so, please contact 87 bis, Rue de la Roche - 85230 Beauvoir sur Mer - France.

Conditions for use of flow
By downloading, using, viewing an information feed from the site, you agree to all terms and conditions of this service. User is a person who proceeded to download and / or use of a wireless information conveyed and / or produced by offers content aggregation services to its users by getting regular flow of information from various content distributors on the Internet. These broadcasters and their information flows are selected manually and validated by the editorial team of These streams are then listed in our Guide Directory. They can be removed on request from the content distributor. reserves the right to data processing (content indexing, processing under different formats, ad insertion, ...) on different information links present in its directory, while respecting the original content of information links, namely the title, link, description, date of the article. reserves the right to modify the Service at any time without you opposing it. The User must make every effort to respect the rights of intellectual and industrial properties of various content distributors. You agree not to associate the Service any content that may be detrimental to the site and reputation. Thank you for your attention and your loyalty.

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